Chapter 474: Middle Grade Training Room

Chapter 474: Middle Grade Training Room

As they eyed the door of the tower being opened, the crowd immediately became noisy. Xiao Yan could only cease his introduction, and raised his hands at Han Yue. After which, he looked at the increasingly wide gap of the door.

When the door was opened, the human crowd outside the tower door suddenly swarmed in, much like a flood.

Xiao Yan borrowed the advantage of a large group of people as he squeezed into the crowd and rushed into the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower.’

After entering the tower Han Yue brought those few ladies that were with her and parted ways with Xiao Yan since their paths were different. Before she left, she reminded Xiao Yan to pay more attention to every action of the ‘White Gang.’

Xiao Yan naturally accepted Han Yue’s good intention in his heart. After watching their backs until they disappeared from his sight, he turned to the members of ‘Pan’s Gate.’ Before entering the tower earlier, he had told them that they needed to be careful of their first grilling by the ‘Heart Flame.’ Moreover, he also told them the secret of how to correctly resolve the Heart Flame. Therefore, there was no excessively strange phenomenons occurring other than the bodies of the new students becoming stiff as their eyes tightly...

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