Chapter 473: Hidden Confrontation (Teaser)

Chapter 473: Hidden Confrontation

Under everyone’s gazes, Bai Cheng’s group slowly walked up to Xiao Yan. The former’s gaze swept over the new students who had quite a strong aura before finally stopping on the faces of Xiao Yan’s four-man group.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were locked onto this man in front of him, whose appearance was somewhat similar to Bai Shan. Despite the powerful aura that was emitted from the body of this person, Xiao Yan felt no fear in his heart. His pair of eyes were calm without any ripples.

Seeing these groups staring at one another, the surrounding crowd could not help but become much quieter. The gazes which they used to look at the groups were filled with all sorts of emotions.

“You are Xiao Yan, right? I have frequently heard Bai Shan mentioning you. Now that I see you today, your bearing is indeed extraordinary.” After exchanging looks with Xiao Yan for a moment, the somewhat dark and solemn face Bai Cheng suddenly laughed. He actually extended his hand toward Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and observed Bai Cheng’s actions. The darkness contained within the other party’s eyes was also captured by his eyes. He laughed softly and extended his hand in full view of everyone before holding Bai Cheng’s hand.

The moment the hands held one...

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