Chapter 472: Meeting

Chapter 472: Meeting

The atmosphere of the well lit room contained a faint scent of gunpowder. There were over ten people standing around or sitting within this room. At this moment, there was some anger on the faces of these people.

“Boss, that ‘Pan’s Gate’ really doesn’t know what is good for them. They actually dared to beat up Fu Ao until he is in such a state. If we do not get back at them, how will our ‘White Gang’ survive in the Inner Academy in the future?” A man in the room suddenly could not control himself as he slammed his palm on the table, and cried out furiously.

“That’s right, Boss, we cannot let Big Brother Fu Ao just suffer this beating.” The voice of that man had just sounded when the remaining people in the room went along with it and demanded uniformly.

A man was leaning on the back of his chair as he was seated on the leader’s seat in the room and his palm fondled his chin. Looking at his appearance, there was a faint similarity between him and Bai Shan. It appeared that he should be the leader of the ‘White Gang,’ Bai Shan’s older cousin and that strong person who was ranked thirty-fourth on the ‘Strong Ranking,’ Bai Cheng.

Bai Cheng ignored the people in the room who were rousing to action as a group. His gaze stopped on a human figure on his...

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