Chapter 471: The Strength of The White Gang

Chapter 471: The Strength of The White Gang

The atmosphere was solidified and quiet in this spacious, empty ground. One by one, numerous gazes stared at the unmoving Fu Ao who lay dozens of meters away. There was a shock that was difficult to hide within their gazes.

This was a three star elite Dou Ling. With Fu Ao’s strength, he could enter the top seventy, even if placed within the entire Inner Academy. Now, however, he was defeated by a new student who had just arrived in the Inner Academy no more than five days ago. Moreover, this defeat… was actually miserable to such an extent. They thought of how Fu Ao was still acting triumphantly just ten minutes ago only to end up currently lying not far away like a dead dog. This comical scene really caused everyone watching from around him to feel a bizarre feeling.

“*Cough*, *cough*, *cough*...”

An intense coughing sound suddenly sounded in the empty ground, breaking the quiet atmosphere

The heavy ruler in Xiao Yan’s hand made contact with the ground. One of his knees was involuntarily placed on the ground. Some paleness appeared on his delicate and handsome face. Dense amounts of cold sweat repeatedly seeped out from his forehead. Looking from his hurried breathing, it...

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