Chapter 470: Fighting Fu Ao

Chapter 470: Fighting Fu Ao

Xiao Yan gently patted Xun Er’s head before he slowly turned around. The darkness on his face had swiftly disappeared as he indifferently looked at Fu Ao on the opposite side. He softly asked, “Shall we begin?”

“Hei, you have courage…”

Seeing that Xiao Yan really dared to fight, Fu Ao could not help but shout in a somewhat astonished manner. He immediately laughed, “Alright. Today, let me see whether this leader of the new students, whose name has caused an uproar within the Inner Academy, is really as strong as rumored.”

Seeing the big battle that was about to begin, all the surrounding observing students hurriedly took a few steps back. They had also heard quite a lot of rumors about Xiao Yan. They were naturally extremely happy now that they could judge him with their own eyes.

“I wonder if that Xiao Yan can contend with Fu Ao. If he cannot, I’m afraid that he will really lose a great amount of face.”

“Hee hee, it is rumored that Fu Ao has already advanced into the three star Dou Ling level one month ago. This Xiao Yan may be able to defeat Luo Hou, but it is still very difficult and dangerous to fight against Fu Ao.”

“If he is careless and loses to Fu Ao, he would not only lose face but also lose his own woman… it would be really funny.”


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