Chapter 47: Blasphemy

Chapter 47: Blasphemy

Xiao Yu was startled after hearing Xiao Yao's vulgar words. With each passing second, as she struggled against her holder with all her might, her face grew redder with exertion and anger. However, Xiao Yan proved to be stronger; he began to clamp down more tightly onto Xiao Yu’s wrists, causing her hands to slowly numb.

After uselessly struggling for another short period of time, Xiao Yu was forced to give up her futile endeavor. She, feeling deep shame, glowered at Xiao Yan, her ample chest heaving slightly, as she scolded him, “Little bastard. Let me go!”

Xiao Yan opened his mouth, wincing at the waves of pain washing the bruises caused him. He took a few deep breaths and looked down sneering.“Let you go? Did I get hit for nothing? I said I was going to rape you today!”

To have someone many years younger than her pin her down and also have that person threaten repeatedly to rape her, Xiao Yu didn’t know whether to cry or laugh as she firmly believed that Xiao Yan would not do such a thing.

Twisting her wrists, Xiao Yu still couldn’t get away. She could only bat her eyes at him and snort at the absurdity of the situation. “You little bastard, you haven’t even grown yet. Say those things when you’ve actually matured”

With his manhood being called into question, Xiao Yan immediately furrowed his brows. Lowering his head, he maliciously responded, “You want to try me?”

Feeling somewhat threatened by Xiao Yan’s intense stare, Xiao Yu swallowed heavily. Being the arrogant person she was, she wouldn’t submit. She instead stubbornly lifted her snow white chin and with a cold smile taunted, “If you dare try, I’ll castrate you!”

Pursing his lips, Xiao Yan felt frustration as he looked down at this woman. If he were asked, Xiao Yan, even though terribly annoyed with Xiao Yu, didn’t want to go as far as committing such a terrible crime like rape. No matter how you said it, she was still his older cousin.

But, given the circumstances, if Xiao Yan were to back down, wouldn’t he have suffered for nothing?

Eyes slightly narrowing, Xiao Yan bit his lips. Suddenly, fiercely, he pushed her down and pressed himself tightly against her body.

Xiao Yan’s abrupt movement stunned Xiao Yu and her mouth opened slightly; she still hadn’t registered the shock of being violated.

As Xiao Yan ignored the suddenly quiet Xiao Yu, he quickly pinned both of her hands with his left to the ground. At the same time, his right hand snaked down her long slender legs, caressing them. Xiao Yan had understood long ago one thing: she placed a high value on her legs, abnormally high actually, even when considering the fact that they ensnared the hearts of men.

At the feeling of Xiao Yan’s hand on her legs, Xiao Yu stiffene, before giving off a violent screech.

With his ears slightly ringing, Xiao Yan finished touching her and jumped away like a monkey, proceeding to quickly flee down the mountain. He knew she would go crazy after such treatment.

The screams continued for quite a while before they slowly abated. Xiao Yu’s face was flushed crimson with anger and her eyes blazed with white hot fury as she stared down the barely visible blur at the foot of the mountain. Gnashing her teeth, she sharpley yelled, “Xiao Yan, you little bastard. I’ll cut you into ten-thousand pieces!”

The distant figure remained quiet, stealthy disappearing from her field of vision soon after.

“Bastard, bastard, bastard!”

Watching Xiao Yan’s figure disappear, her face turned ugly as she smashed the ground next to her with both fists.

After venting her fury by bashing the nearby scenery, for a good while, Xiao Yu finally calmed down. She blushed looking down at the several indistinct hand prints dotting her legs, each left a numbness in her legs.

Xiao Yu clenched her teeth and propped herself up, fighting the weak feeling racking her body and wanted to cry upon seeing her messy clothes. Not only had she failed to teach the little brat a lesson, she was taken advantage of by him; the results of the encounter left a bitter taste in her mouth.

Thinking back on Xiao Yan’s actions, Xiao Yu felt shame and anger well up. This time, however, she didn’t draw her sword and chase him like she did years ago.

She was an adult now and naturally couldn’t act like before, letting everyone in the clan know that her thighs had been touched by that brat. Xiao Yu stood there thinking for a bit, before stomping her feet and cursing in a low voice, “Little bastard, you better not give me an opportunity, otherwise it won’t be pretty!”

Xiao Yu wrinkled her nose, letting her fine black hair drift in the wind. She dusted off her messy clothes, straightening them up a bit then somewhat dejectedly started slowly heading down the mountain.


After restlessly fleeing down the mountain Xiao Yan quickly behind a bush at the foot of the mountain with cool beads of sweat running down his back. It wasn't until he saw Xiao Yu pass by that he could let out a sigh of relief.

He rubbed his nose and unconsciously swung his right arm across his chest and grabbed his other arm. Looking off with a dreamy look on his face he whispered, “Compared with a few years ago, touching her now feels much better...”

“Ai, in front of this stupid woman I can never hold back my temper. It looks like my childhood grievances really do run deeper than normal.” Xiao Yan bitterly laughed as he twisted his neck. Taking a deep breath, he pushed away the thought. After once again regaining his former tranquil state of mind, he slowly headed out.

Walking away from his hiding spot, Xiao Yan suddenly stopped and somewhat embarrassed turned his head to look at the black-clothed maiden leaning against a tree in the distance. He awkwardly laughed, “Xun Er, what are you doing here?”

The distant Xun Er was lazily leaning against the tree. The purple belt around her small waist flowed freely in the wind as her beautiful eyes swept over Xiao Yan. A fake smile was on her face as she said, “Xiao Yan ge-ge, I just saw Xiao Yu angrily walking by. Could it be that you provoked her again?”

Embarrassedly touching his nose, Xiao Yan walked forward and dryly chucked, “Who knows why she’s in a bad mood again...”

Watching the laughing Xiao Yan, Xun Er couldn’t help but shake her head. “Whenever Xiao Yan ge-ge is around with Xiao Yu, he inevitably can’t think clearly and does some shocking things.”

Hearing Xun Er’s words, Xiao Yan felt a little guilty but he innocently shrugged his shoulders and said, “You know, I was forced to.”

Lightly laughing, Xun Er pursed her small lips. Her hands held behind her back; her maiden’s graceful beauty was rather moving.

“Tomorrow is a day for going to the Qi Method Pavilion to look for new techniques. Xiao Yan ge-ge should prepare.” She said as she left but the sound lingered on.


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