Chapter 468: Troublesome Matter

Chapter 468: Troublesome Matter

Xiao Yan stood just outside the door after exiting the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower.’ He lifted his head and eyed this mysterious black tower, where only the top of it was exposed. He was unable to resist letting out a long breath. For some unknown reason, he constantly felt that this black tower was not that simple…

“Hu, it is really unexpected… it actually agglomerated a ‘Fire Spirit’ with emotions and intelligence. Tsk tsk. No wonder the Inner Academy is so strict. They even created a ‘Space Lock,’ which even an elite Dou Zun would have to use all his might in order to cast…” Just as Xiao Yan was sighing, Yao Lao’s surprised voice suddenly sounded in his heart.

Xiao Yan was slightly startled when he heard Yao Lao’s words. His expression did not change as he looked all around him. After which, he waved his hand toward Wu Hao, who still appeared slightly giddy. After which, he turned his body and walked on the path which they had used to travel here earlier.

“What is the ‘Fire Spirit’ that teacher just mentioned?” Xiao Yan walked at a steady pace, that was neither fast nor slow, along this road lined with trees. Only then did he inquire about this in his heart.

“An alternate life form...

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