Chapter 467: The Mysterious Invisible Fire Python

Chapter 467: The Mysterious Invisible Fire Python

“Hiss hss…”

The unusual sound was like flashing lightning that repeatedly spread and resounded within the black hole. An instant later, the somewhat dark environment suddenly brightened. The temperature in the air also rose swiftly. An extremely frightening and ancient aura slowly surfaced from within the black hole. Finally, it appeared to be like the lightning which tore open the dark night, erupting from the nearly endless profound darkness.

Xiao Yan’s face stiffened as he eyed that exit of the hole. His throat involuntarily rolled once.

At this moment, the area that was two meters above the hole had become extremely distorted. Although the space had become extremely distorted, one could not see anything using the naked eye. Other than that distorted space and the repeated hissing sound, the entire area turned slightly strange because of this scene.

Elder Liu’s face was also extremely solemn. He repeatedly pulled Xiao Yan and stepped back. When his eyes looked at the distorted space, fear flashed across them. Although he could not see what exactly was there, he had also heard some things after being an Elder in the tower for so many years. Hence, he also knew just how...

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