Chapter 466: Black Hole (Teaser)

Chapter 466: Black Hole

Eyeing Han Yue, who had actually temporarily placed aside her obsession for cleanliness and shook Xiao Yan’s hand, Elder Liu also felt a little stunned. He recovered a moment later and shot a glance at Han Yue with a gaze that had a deeper meaning. He laughed, “Xiao Yan ah, you should be privileged to be one of the few male students in the Inner Academy who has ever shaken Yue girl’s hand.”

“Then I am really honored.” Xiao Yan smiled slightly. Although holding that delicate jade-like hand was very comfortable, he merely held it in a courteous manner before releasing it and spoke with a smile.

“Junior Xiao Yan, under your leadership, this year’s new students could be considered to have truly stolen the limelight.” Han Yue also withdrew her hand as she softly replied.

“If I had known beforehand that there was going to be such trouble in the future, this limelight… it would have been fine even if we didn’t have it.” Xiao Yan sighed and spoke with a bitter smile.

“Looks like there are already older students who have gone to find trouble?” Han Yue could not help but be a little surprised when she heard this. She immediately came to an abrupt understanding as she nodded her head. A faint, smiling arc appeared at the corner of her mouth.

Xiao Yan helplessly nodded.

“Junior Xiao Yan should know a little about the matters within the Inner Academy, right? You...

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