Chapter 465: Meeting For The First Time

Chapter 465: Meeting For The First Time

One could only see a faint, white fog shrouding the spacious interior of the ancient tower. At the edge of the white fog stood the figure of an old man who was breathing quite heavily.

At this moment, Elder Liu’s face was swiftly changing between different colors. At times, he was shocked, at times he was alarmed, appearing extremely wonderful to look at. More than half of the robe he was wearing had also been incinerated. The smell of burned skin came from his hair. From his overall appearance, this Elder, who possessed quite a high position in the Inner Academy, was currently reduced to a miserable state.

At this moment, the other older students, who had moved aside to dodge the fire within the hall, finally recovered from their earlier panic. However, by the time they recovered and threw their gazes toward the area where the explosion had erupted from, they coincidentally saw the miserable looking Elder Liu. Immediately, their hearts, which had just recovered, were once again reclaimed by a dullness.

There was an extremely strict requirement on one’s strength to be able to become a tower guardian Elder in the Inner Academy. Hence, all the the Elders within the tower were,...

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