Chapter 464: Shock (Teaser)

Chapter 464: Shock

In the ancient tower, where the light was mild, a group of people had gathered around Xiao Yan and Wu Hao, whose eyes were tightly shut. Among them, they emitted soft laughter and had numerous private conversations.

“Make way, make way. Elder Liu is coming through.” A cry suddenly sounded from outside the crowd. Immediately, the crowd hurriedly split and formed a small path. Within this tower the position of an Elder was the greatest. Whoever dared to offend them would not come to a good end. By just randomly borrowing some of the power of the position to obstruct you, he could cause you to have no tears left to cry, even if you wanted to.

As the human crowd parted, an old man in simple and rough clothes slowly walked in. That smiling gaze of his swept across Xiao Yan’s and Wu Hao’s stiffened and unmoving bodies. He laughed and said, “There are really two little fellows who didn’t know the might of the heavens and the earth (overestimate their abilities). They actually did not even bother to first report their initial attempt at entering the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower.’ This hardship is something that they will suffer unduly.”

“Hee hee, there are always reckless new students every year who impatiently enter the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower.’ They deserve to suffer this hardship…” A gloating laughter erupted from the human crowd. Although the training speed within the tower was rather fast, it was, after all, still a little boring. These older students were naturally happy to see the situation in front of them, new students entering and providing them some entertainment.


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