Chapter 462: The Mysterious Black Tower? (Teaser)

Chapter 462: The Mysterious Black Tower?

“Xiao Yan, this ‘Pan Gate’ has just been established and you have already run away. In the many years that I was part of the Law Enforcement Unit, this is the first time that I have seen such an irresponsible leader…” Wu Hao complained helplessly to Xiao Yan who was swiftly walking in front of him on this spacious road. After this fellow had confirmed the name of the faction earlier, he had thrown the matter of settling the new students to Xun Er and Hu Jia before finding an excuse to slip away.

“They will be able to get it done properly. I only created the effect of gathering people’s hearts. Now that I have already pulled people in, I can naturally rely on those two to settle the troublesome matters. It would not be too late for us to show ourselves and take responsibility if someone were to create trouble.” Xiao Yan slowed his footsteps and laughed toward Wu Hao. After which, he turned his head and eyed the spacious road around him. At this time, there would be some older students from the Inner Academy rushing past on the road. However, there were not many people who gave much attention to Xiao Yan and Wu Hao. Clearly, not all of the older students had heard the name of the leader of this batch of new students.

Wu Hao helplessly shook his head. He then lifted it, looked at the the road, which extended in all directions, and asked, “Where are you planning to go?”

“Let’s go to the north to take a look…” Xiao Yan’s finger slowly rubbed the black ring as he lifted his...

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