Chapter 460: Deterrence and Politeness

Chapter 460: Deterrence and Politeness

When they walked out of the pavilion house, there was a large road filled with greenery. On both sides of the large road were living quarters for the other new students. Of course, compared to the small pavilion house of Xiao Yan’s group, theirs were much simpler and more crude. From the looks of it, such treatment was not something that everyone would receive.

There was not the slightest shadow of a new student on the road at this moment. It was likely that they had all gathered at the exit. Xiao Yan’s four man group did not dare be slow. Their toes gently pressed on the ground and their bodies turned into wisps of light smoke as they swiftly rushed to the end of the large road.

Around four to five minutes later, the swiftly traveling four-man group slowed down. They lifted their heads and eyed the end of the road. They did indeed see a large group of people squeezing together there. Noisy abuses repeatedly rang out.

Xiao Yan waved his hands and lead the three others as they walked closer to the group of people. When the new students that had gathered around this place, saw Xiao Yan’s four-man group, their faces could not help but become filled with great joy. They had just cheered when they were interrupted by Xiao Yan’s hand gesture. Immediately, they hurriedly shut...

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