Chapter 456: Triumph!

Chapter 456: Triumph!

The green-purple fire lotus swiftly expanded in Luo Hou’s eyes. The terrifyingly hot energy, which penetrated the air and swept over him, caused the cold sweat appearing on his forehead to be vaporized in an instant.

On the ground, the dark green grass quickly withered anywhere the fire lotus swept past. Finally, the grass turned into black-colored ashes that scattered with the wind.

A horror of being helpless to fight the destructive force quietly rose in Luo Hou’s heart as he sensed it shooting explosively toward him. This kind of energy was really too large. He even had a faint intuition that if he were to be struck head on by that beautiful fire lotus, it was likely that he would be turned into nothing more than dust, just like the green grass.

Luo Hou’s teeth firmly bit his lips. Blood traces flowed down from his mouth. The pain caused Luo Hou to recover from that helpless state and become a little more alert. His hands held the cold metal rod tightly while his eyes stared intently at the fire lotus, which was coming increasingly closer to him. The latter’s nearly lightning-like speed caused him to have nowhere to hide.

Cold air swiftly seeped out from the cold metal rod. However, when the cold air appeared, it was incinerated by the high temperature that moved...

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