Chapter 454: White Demon Group

Chapter 454: White Demon Group

This empty area was covered with rocks. When the spreading forest met with this rocky region, it ceased expanding. Hence, the sunlight, that scattered down from the sky, did not encounter any obstruction as it poured over the ground. The warmth of the sunlight caused people’s body to feel a warm feeling.

Not far away from this rocky region was a mountain slope which swelled up. There were some boulders of various sizes spread across the mountain slope. At this moment, there were quite a number of people either seated or standing above or beside these mountain rocks. These people were quite young, around twenty-four to twenty-five years old. Their clothes may be different, but all of them wore a tower shaped badge on their chest. Clearly, these students were older students from the Inner Academy.

On the other side of the mountain slope, there was a platform which was built upon a huge rock. Two old men were seated on this huge rock. They were actually Elder Su and Elder Qing, whom Xiao Yan and the others had met before they entered the forest. Seated around them were a couple of middle-aged men with calm auras. Clearly, they should people in charge of various affairs within the Inner Academy.

“Hee hee, I heard that this batch of new students were extremely arrogant? They actually went and...

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