Chapter 453: Distributing The Spoils, Recuperation

Chapter 453: Distributing The Spoils, Recuperation

Xiao Yan was seated on a rock within the empty clearing. In front of him was a simple wooden table where piles of Fire Crystal Cards were placed orderly. Many of these Fire Crystal Cards had the same number on it.


Clearly, the owners of these Fire Crystal Cards had all unluckily met older students and had their ‘Fire Energy’ stolen from them.

Dozens of new students were seated cross-legged in the empty clearing in front of the table. Although their outer appearances were extremely weary and awkward, their eyes were filled with energy. Numerous gazes that carried excitement stared at the pile of Fire Crystal Cards on the table.

On the other side of the empty ground, Sha Tie, Su Xiao, and the others rested against a tree trunk. The expressions on their faces were extremely dispirited. The gazes that they used to look at Xiao Yan on the rock were filled with a certain resentment.

Xiao Yan did not pay much attention to their gazes. His left hand lifted a pale-blue Fire Crystal Card. After which, he repeatedly grabbed a black Fire Crystal Card. He rubbed both of them together and as a light was released, the number on the black Fire Crystal Card swiftly returned to the number when they had entered the forest. Moreover, Xiao Yan added 2 more...

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