Chapter 452: Bitter and Angry Sha Tie (Teaser)

Chapter 452: Bitter and Angry Sha Tie

In the completely destroyed clearing, Hu Jia and the three remaining new students watched as the single remaining member of the ‘Black Demon Group’ was defeated, and could not help but heave a long sigh of relief. Their legs immediately lost strength as they collapsed to the ground, the sound of them panting like billows echoed repeatedly from their mouths.

Following the defeat of the last member of the ‘Black Demon Group,’ with the exception of Sha Tie, the spectating students, whose nerves were strained, finally could no longer endure the excitement and wild joy in their hearts. They ignored the injuries on their bodies as they leaped to their feet and wildly shouted. In an instant, various wild shrieks and hollers spread through the air above the empty ground.

Xun Er’s delicate hand wiped the perspiration from her forehead. The golden glow emitted from her body also began to dim. These three rescues had caused some difficulty for her. If it were not for the fact that the Qi Method that she practiced was not a low class method, it would have been likely that she would have been like Wu Hao, whose combat strength greatly deteriorated as a result of over exhaustion of his Dou Qi.

Xun Er supported herself by leaning...

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