Chapter 451: Reversing The Situation

Chapter 451: Reversing The Situation


The green-clothed young lady, who had suddenly appeared beside Wu Hao in the battleground immediately caused the expressions of the spectating injured new students to be filled with a wild joy as they cheered out loudly. Xun Er had defeated her opponent at such a crucial moment and extended her hand to assist Wu Hao. This undoubtedly added a heavy weight to Xiao Yan’s group that was sufficient to tip the scales of this battle.

“Are you alright?” Xun Er carelessly asked as her gaze stared intently at the ugly expression of the ‘Black Demon Group’ member.

“I’m still alright.” Wu Hao’s body swayed a little. His expression was pale as he clenched his teeth and said.

“Leave him to me. You should first rest for awhile.” Xun Er was able to see the strain that the current Wu Hao was undergoing. She gently spoke these words as the golden glow in her palms grew increasingly powerful and eye-piercing.

“There’s no need. He was seriously wounded after being struck by my palm earlier. Let’s join hands and use the fastest speed to defeat him. Otherwise, Hu Jia and the other new students won’t be able to hold out for much longer.” Wu Hao inhaled a deep breath of air and...

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