Chapter 448: Unforeseen Turn of Events

Chapter 448: Unforeseen Turn of Events

Seeing the five human figures that appeared on the tree, the faces of everyone on the empty ground suddenly contorted.

The five people standing on the tree were clad entirely in fancily designed black clothing. If one looked at them from a distance, they appeared to be five ink black shadows. The moment the five of them appeared, a ferocious Qi, that was not the slightest bit hidden, seeped out from their bodies. A force, that caused the expressions of Xiao Yan and the others to appear pressured, covered the entire clearing. It caused them to feel an uncomfortable feeling as though they were being stared at by a wild beast within the forest.

“Sha Tie? You actually followed us here?!” After the five figures appeared, the expression of Leng Bai, who had his back leaning against a tree trunk to catch his breath, morphed. This was especially so after his gaze swept across the the man in the middle, whose body was as large as a gorilla’s. He could not help but cry out involuntarily.

“We met a couple of new students on the way and also received the information.” That man among the five, whose figure was tall and large to the point that it caused others to feel pressure, replied...

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