Chapter 446: Temporary Victor

Chapter 446: Temporary Victor

As the momentary giddiness in his mind disappeared like lightning, the heart of Su Xiao, who had recovered, immediately tightened a little. He clearly knew just what kind of a price he would have to pay for being absent-minded at such a moment.

His expectations were not wrong. With Xiao Yan’s eyesight, how would he easily abandon this kind of opening? Therefore, the instant Su Xiao recovered, Xiao Yan’s feet stepped off the ground and a clear energy explosion sounded from beneath him. The energy attack waves directly shook the ground until a hole, around half an inch deep was formed. Xiao Yan borrowed the powerful and violent shooting strength as his body became like a ghost, appearing above Su Xiao’s head in a single breath. He tightened his fist. Without any tricks, he used this incomparably powerful Dou Qi and strength as his fist ruthlessly smashed toward Su Xiao’s head.

The fist, which was usually not very large, was like the fist of a giant at this moment. The force contained on it directly cut through the air. A sharp rushing wind sound and a deep low sonic boom merged together. It appeared to have exploded within people’s hearts, causing people to be unable to endure the fear...

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