Chapter 445: The Start of The Big Fight (Teaser)

Chapter 445: The Start of The Big Fight


Six human figures tore through the hinderance of the air in a lightning-like manner in the forest clearing. In an instant, they collided in the center and Dou Qi surged out like an erupting volcano, permeating through the air. As the Dou Qi collided, they formed a strong Dou Qi wind that shattered all the withered leaves on the ground!

Xiao Yan’s opponent was the young man called Su Xiao. His physique was perhaps the most delicate and weakest among the three group leaders. However, from the discussion earlier, Xiao Yan knew that this fellow should be a little stronger than the other two people. Otherwise, with the haughtiness that Leng Bai and Xiu Yan displayed, they would not pay much attention to his words. However, the two of them did not disagree with the various suggestions of Su Xiao just now. It was like Su Xiao was their leader.


The large Heavy Xuan Ruler cut through the air as it carried a cluster of black shadows and immense crushing winds like a large mountain pressing down as it smashed heavily down toward Su Xiao, who had appeared in front of him.

The enormous ruler was merely half a foot from Su Xiao’s head when the latter’s body gently drifted one step back like a leaf being lifted by a gentle breeze. The enormous ruler merely carried its force past Su Xiao’s body by about half an inch. The...

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