Chapter 444: The Fight Between The Strong

Chapter 444: The Fight Between The Strong

Xiao Yan’s group of five sat cross-legged with their eyes shut on the empty forest ground. The entire forest descended into silence. However, that somewhat-pressuring low yet deep atmosphere indicated that there was going to be a storm arriving in this place.

The silence continued for an unknown length of time. At a certain moment, Xiao Yan, who had his eyes tightly shut, suddenly opened them. His gaze suddenly swept towards the north side of the forest. More than ten powerful Qis had already appeared within the range of his Spiritual Perception from that location.

“They are coming.” Xiao Yan let out a gentle breath. He twisted his body, and the vortex in his body trembled slightly. Threads of Dou Qi came flowing out. Finally, it became like a flood that was galloping and circulating through his Qi Paths. The feeling of being filled with strength caused Xiao Yan’s condition to rise to the peak, just before the arrival of this big battle!

Hearing Xiao Yan’s soft words, Xun Er and the four others beside him also opened their eyes. They nodded slightly and a faint Dou Qi glow began to become partially visible on the surface of their bodies, waiting for the big fight...

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