Chapter 440: The Switch Between The Hunter And The Hunted

Chapter 440: The Switch Between The Hunter And The Hunted

The five new students, whose entire bodies were covered in bruises and had traces of blood on the corner of their mouths eyed Xiao Yan’s group with stunned expressions. Only at this moment did they realize what had happened in this sudden turn of events. These fellows were actually snatching the ‘Fire Energy’ from the older students?

The corner of their mouths twitched a couple of times. These five unlucky new students, who were robbed by the blue-clothed young man’s group earlier, saw that Xiao Yan’s group actually rudely knocked out the five Inner Academy older students after snatching their ‘Fire Energy.’ Their expressions were extremely brilliant. Not that long ago, they exchanged blows with this group of older students. However, after merely just a few exchanges, they were completely defeated by these strong older students who had a wealth of battle experience. However, now… The group of older students, who had been swaggering triumphantly after their previous victory, had ended up in a miserable state, similar to their own, within just two to three minutes of fighting with Xiao Yan’s group. This huge gap really caused these students to feel a little dull.

“They are indeed worthy of being the top five ranked people of the Qualifying...

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