Chapter 437: Snatching

Chapter 437: Snatching

Sporadic sunlight shown between the gaps in the tree cover.

“Hey, the few of you actually have the leisure to argue at a time like this?” A faint, mocking voice suddenly sounded between the trees.

The five people, who were walking, suddenly stiffened. They hurriedly raised their heads only to see that five young people descended upon them and stood on tree branches above their heads in an orderly fashion. They each wore a badge, which had the appearance of a tower on it, on their chest. At this moment, the five young men were eyeing the five people below with faces filled with ridicule. That expression was like a cat who had seen a mouse.

“You’re all here to snatch the so-called ‘Fire Energy’ from us, right?” A tall and large young man amongst the five people said with a cold smile. For him to be able to rank amongst the top fifty in the Outer Academy of the Jia Nan Academy, his strength was naturally not low. He was not too afraid of these young people, who were of similar ages to him.

“Smart.” A young man on the tree branch, who had a snake-like scar on his face, let out a clear snap with his fingers. He immediately smilingly...

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