Chapter 436: Fire Energy Hunting Competition

Chapter 436: Fire Energy Hunting Competition

The vast sea of trees held various different kinds of Magical Beasts within it. Every once in awhile, there would be ferocious auras of Magical Beasts shooting out from within the sea of trees in an explosive manner. However, when these Magical Beasts entered within a hundred meter radius of the group, they would be shocked by the powerful force emitted from the barrier that Hu Gan’s and the three elders created until they warily retreated.

Of course, this was not the case for every one of them. As the Magical Beast were widespread in such a concentrated manner within the vast endless mountains, there was naturally no shortage of frighteningly powerful creatures . Half an hour after the flying formation began travelling within the mountains behind the academy, there were some powerful Magical Beasts who forcefully charged and attacked the Griffin formation, in spite of the pressure being released by Hu Gan and the other three people. At this time, Hu Gan and the other three old men began to display their shocking strength. Each time they waved their hands, powerful blasts of energy shot across the sky like a thunderbolt. Immediately, Xiao Yan and the others would hear a muffled sound, and the large-sized Magical Beasts suddenly exploded into fresh blood and fell down.

As they flew, various kinds of ferocious Magical Beasts swarmed over, pouncing from the rear and front. However, there wasn’t...

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