Chapter 433: Training

Chapter 433: Training

Within the spacious study, Hu Gan eyed the wall beside the study, which was slowly closing. Only then did he turn and face Xiao Yan and the four others in front of him. He said smilingly: “Alright, it can be considered that you all obtained your reward. Rest for the next two days. In two days, you will all be entering the Inner Academy. At that time, there will be chances for you all to cry bitterly.”

Xiao Yan and the others watched Hu Gan’s smiling manner. They exchanged glances with one another before nodding slightly.

“That’s right, I will remind you once again that if the new students entering the academy want to avoid being bullied by the older students, the only way is for your fist to be harder than theirs. Of course, students who can enter the Inner Academy are basically the past top students of the Outer Academy. Their training talent is not weak. Adding this to the unique training methods in the inner academy, it is likely going to be a little difficult for you new students, who have just entered, to catch up to their progress.” Hu Gan’s gaze swept across the five of them as he said: “Therefore, I advise all of you to try your best to abandon the enmity between each other and cooperate. Otherwise, you would suffer quite a bit in the end.”

“Don’t tell me that our hands...

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