Chapter 431: Sonic Dou Technique

Chapter 431: Sonic Dou Technique

Within the fiery-red cluster of light in Xiao Yan’s hand was a pale-red scroll. The high temperature was also being emitted from within it. If one’s gaze passed through the glow and scanned across the pale-red scroll within it in detail, one would vaguely be able to see a few words on top of it.

“Nine Layer Phoenix Flame Skill, Di Class Middle Level.”

The simple few words caused Xiao Yan to strain himself and swallow a mouthful of saliva. Di class Middle level. Since Xiao Yan was born until now, a Qi Method at this kind of level was the highest level Qi Method he had ever seen. Even if this kind of Qi Method was placed in the ‘Black-Corner Region’, where stolen or smuggled goods from the continent flowed through, it would definitely be able to set off a sensation. Countless number of factions would fight over this Qi Method until their heads broke and their blood was spilled. However, this Di class Qi Method, that had a value which was difficult to determine, landed in Xiao Yan’s hand in such an easy manner. It really was somewhat drama like.

Xiao Yan’s palm tossed the extremely light scroll in his hand. His hand, however, felt a somewhat heavy feeling. Something that he would never imagine getting his hands on in the past was now randomly spat out from this mysterious ‘Book Collection...

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