Chapter 430: Fighting and Grabbing

Chapter 430: Fighting and Grabbing

When he heard the sound of the main door behind him being tightly shut, Xiao Yan’s footsteps paused for a moment. Immediately, he once again pulled Xun Er as they walked forward. After five minutes, a pale, yellow-colored light was transmitted from a spot not too far in front of them. Their footsteps became involuntarily quicker. After a while, they finally passed through the dark, black tunnel, and a brilliant light shot at them, causing them to turn their heads away.

The place, which appeared in front of both Xiao Yan and Xun Er, was an extremely spacious, large room. On the walls around the room, there were nearly ten energy barriers. At this moment, these energy barriers were slowly releasing and pulling back a light glow, shining through the entire room until it was like daytime.

Hu Jia and the two others had already arrived at the room. When they heard the sound of footsteps, the three of them turned around to take a glance. Hu Jia took a step forward upon seeing the two of them and smilingly said: “Xun Er, we can huddle together after we enter the Inner Academy in the future. Although I have never entered the Inner Academy, I heard from my grandfather that if one wanted to obtain the best training conditions, one must see whose fist is harder. Therefore, if we, these new students who has just entered,...

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