Chapter 428: The Mysterious Book Collection Hall

Chapter 428: The Mysterious Book Collection Hall

The book shelves were staggered within the brightly lit room. There were all kinds of ancient books placed on the book shelves, giving it an exceptional scholarly atmosphere. At this moment, there were three people standing in the middle of this room. Behind the table, which was in front of them, was a white-haired old man, who was slowly flipping through the documents in his hands. The entire room was in a silent atmosphere.

The three people standing in the room were two males and one female. If one were to carefully observe them, they were actually Bai Shan, Wu Hao, and Hu Jia, who had been beaten by Xiao Yan until they were seriously injured. At this moment, Bai Shan and Wu Hao had their eyes lowered. Their faces may still be a little pale but their complexion was much better compared to the day of the competition. On the other hand, Hu Jia had her eyes wide open as she looked at the old man flipping through the book. A long while later, she stuck out her tongue, appearing aggrieved.

After the silent atmosphere continued for nearly ten minutes, the Deputy Headmaster, Hu Gan, finally shifted his eyes away from his book. He said faintly, “Don’t count on me to help you vent your anger. This is something...

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