Chapter 426: The End of the Competition

Chapter 426: The End of the Competition

The sudden attack of Xiao Yan in the arena was beyond anyone’s expectations. Moreover, the former attack was completed in a mere instant. Hence, many people in the viewing gallery could only see a black shadow flashing within the arena. Immediately after, there were three muffled sounds, and finally Bai Shan, Hu Jia, and Wu Hao each vomited blood and were forced back before smashing heavily into rocks.

The audience watched Bai Shan and the two others, who were leaning against rock walls, struggling futilely as they made attempts with great difficulty to get up, the entire stadium was quiet. Numerous gazes, that were almost dull, stared at the tall, young man in the arena. At this moment, there was a chill that seeped out from the hearts of a countless number of people. This fellow, who usually appeared to wear a smile, was actually the most terrifying one...

In the viewing gallery, Instructor Ruo Ling and Xiao Yu were similarly stunned. It was a long while before they exchanged looks with one another. Earlier, the manner of Bai Shan and the other two clearly indicated that they were in a defeated state. It was really unexpected that Xiao Yan actually gave another ferocious additional strike. Many people, including the two of them, understood that this was the revenge Xiao Yan took on behalf...

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