Chapter 425: No Mercy (Teaser)

Chapter 425: No Mercy

Under the focus of a countless number of nearly dull gazes, the dust that permeated throughout the arena slowly dispersed. The complete mess and rock fragments that appeared in their sights caused the viewing gallery to emit waves of sounds created by the sudden inhalation of cold air.

At this moment, the hard arena, which was originally created by neatly piling huge rocks on each other, had actually turned into complete shambles. A deep, expansive pit appeared in the middle of the ruins. Strange rocks were strewn everywhere around the deep pit. Looking at their appearance, the competition arena looked completely different from before. No one had expected that the collision between Xiao Yan and Bai Shan’s three man team would actually create such a terrifying destructive strength.

“This fellow… he really is too abnormally strong.” Xiao Yu was stunned as she observed the competition arena that had turned into ruins. It was a long while later before she let out a deep breath of air and spoke with a bitter smile. Even though she had already thought highly of her cousin, who had his own independent and special behavior since young, even she did not expect that this fellow...

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