Chapter 424: One versus Three (Teaser)

Chapter 424: One versus Three

The faint voice slowly reverberated across the stadium. After which, the skinny, black-robed, young man pulled Xun Er behind him under the focus of a countless number of gazes. He raised his head slightly, and his indifferent gaze stopped on the faces of Bai Shan, Hu Jia, and Wu Hao.

“This fellow is finally awake…” Instructor Ruo Ling and Xiao Yu on the viewing gallery finally let out a long sigh of relief as they stared at Xiao Yan, who had exited his training mode at a crucial moment.

As they watched Xiao Yan, whose aura had become much stronger than before, Bai Shan and the two others clearly understood that the current Xiao Yan had already successfully increased his strength. The fight after this might really be unexpectedly fierce.

There were no ripples in Xiao Yan’s dark black pupils, which were like old wells. Xun Er, who was by his side, however, could clearly sense the brutal emotion that faintly seeped out from within his body. Clearly, the actions of Bai Shan and the other two joining hands to surround and attack Xun Er had enraged Xiao Yan.

“Xun Er, you should withdraw a little first. Let me handle the rest of them.” Xiao Yan said faintly.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, the three of them all possess the strength of a five or six star Da Dou Shi. The Qi...

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