Chapter 422: Fight (Teaser)

Chapter 422: Fight

The fist carried a hot, green-colored flame. Although it had yet to come in contact with his body, Bai Shan could still sense a burning pain, which he could not endure, erupt from his skin. He clenched his teeth to withstand the pain. Silver light once again surged and appeared on his feet. With a sway of his body, it strangely flashed and withdrew a couple of meters.

However, just as Bai Shan withdrew out of Xiao Yan’s attacking range, the green figure in front of him flashed again before he had the time to lift his lance to attack. Xiao Yan’s indifferent face once again appeared in front of Bai Shan. Both of Xiao Yan’s fists appeared to be crazy as they created more than ten afterimages and ruthlessly smashed toward various parts of Bai Shan’s body. Each and every punch landed on flesh. For a period of time, the muffled sound of fist contacting flesh repeatedly sounded within the arena.


The waves of pain that were transmitted from all over his body caused the anger within Bai Shan’s heart to surge. Xiao Yan’s attacks were all unleashed at close range. This kind of distance did not allow him to display his lance skills. Although using the ‘Wind Lightning Movement’ Agility Dou Technique could allow him to pull some distance away, Xiao Yan, who had removed the restraint of the Heavy Xuan Ruler, was coincidentally...

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