Chapter 420: Big Chaotic Battle

Chapter 420: Big Chaotic Battle

“Do all of you understand the rules of the competition?” When there was no longer anyone entering the arena, Hu Gan’s gaze swept around once and asked in a clear voice.

“Understood!” An orderly reply sounded within the arena when they heard Hu Gan’s words.

“Alright, since all of you understand, I announce that…” Hu Gan slowly raised his hand. Finally, under countless number of gazes, it fell suddenly, “The final round of the Inner Academy Qualifying Competition will now begin!”


As Hu Gan’s hand fell, the originally quiet arena immediate let out a bang. A rainbow of different colored Dou Qi abruptly erupted in a dazzling fashion. Following a muffled sound being emitted, the human figures in the arena quickly flashed. Most of the people flew swiftly toward the edge of the arena. They were all afraid that there would be someone using an underhanded method to throw them out in this kind of situation, where enemies were everywhere.

Those in the viewing gallery watched the arena where a fight had broken out almost as soon as the competition began. They immediately let out sharp, excited cries which resounded throughout the clouds. Many people tore their throats as they cheered for the competitors whom they liked. This kind of huge grand...

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