Chapter 419: The Last Qualifying Competition

Chapter 419: The Last Qualifying Competition

Today was destined to be the most lively day in Jia Nan Academy. This was because the Inner Academy Qualifying Competition, which gathered the gazes of all the students, would reach a high tide where everyone would be the most excited.

Hu Jia, Bai Shan, Wu Hao, Xun Er, Xiao Yan. These five people, who clearly displayed their powerful strengths, caused everyone to be shocked during the past two days of the competition. Today, the most eye catching collisions between the strong would unfold among these five outstanding students from the Outer Academy in this competition!

It was due to this that the number of people who gathered at the stadium today was many times more than the past two days. Not all of the surrounding audience were students of the academy. There were many who had come with admiration from Jia Nan City, outside of the academy. As members who lived in Jia Nan City, in all of these years, they clearly knew that this was the most lively day in Jia Nan Academy every year. Therefore, they would naturally not miss this distinguished affair.

When Xiao Yan and the others arrived outside the stadium and eyed the human dragon, which had totally blocked the entrance to the stadium, they could not help but feel...

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