Chapter 417: Challenge

Chapter 417: Challenge

The noisy open ground had become much quieter following the appearance of the blood-robed figure. When the bloody scent came spreading out, some of the students, whose strength was still inferior, felt a chill all over their body despite the sun hanging high in the sky at this moment.

“I’m afraid that this fellow has just returned from performing his mission. This bloody aura is even more dense than those fellows from the ‘Black-Corner Region’.” The red-clothed young lady’s eyebrows became vertical. Her pupils directly eyed the blood-robed human figure while she spoke softly.

“He has indeed managed to hurry back, huh…” The originally smile filled face of Bai Shan became slightly darker and more solemn when he saw the blood-robed human figure appear. In the Outer Academy of the Jia Nan Academy, the one which he feared the most was not the Little Witch, who caused the expressions of others to change when they heard her name, nor was it Xun Er, whose character was indifferent, but strength was great and unfathomable. Instead, it was this man, whose body was filled with a bloody aura!

During these two years, Bai Shan and Wu Hao had openly and secretly exchanged blows more than ten times. Unfortunately, each time, he did not obtain victory. The other person’s aura, which was composed of an intent to kill for the sake of killing, was really too frightening. Bai Shan could...

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