Chapter 415: Pill Flame Skill

Chapter 415: Pill Flame Skill

Two figures were facing each other on the enormous open ground. The hands of the two of them were respectively shrouded by a deep blue and purple-colored flame. As the flames rose, they carried a high temperature that caused the space around the two of them to become a little twisted and illusionary.

The viewing gallery was completely silent as they watched the two different colored flames on the hands of the two of them. It was only a long while later before there was someone who released an exclamation of disbelief.

“Why can that Xiao Yan summon out an essence flame? Isn’t that something that can be only done by an alchemist or a strong person of the Dou Wang class and above?”

“Don’t tell me that this fellow is also an alchemist?”

“Purple colored flames, how beautiful…”

Numerous shocked sighs or doubtful voices repeatedly sounded on the viewing gallery around the open ground.

“Why does this brat also have this kind of flame?” Xiao Yu was also startled when she saw the change in situation within the arena. A moment later, she suddenly muttered, “That’s right, back then before he left, I heard that this fellow had a mysterious alchemist teacher. From the looks of it now, he should also be an alchemist? No wonder he can summon out an essence flame similar to Lu Mu’s.”

Xun Er, standing by the side, whose gaze had been staring at the arena, nodded slightly. According to Ling Ying’s report, she clearly knew in her heart that if Xiao Yan were to display all the trump cards which he currently held, it was likely that hardly any strong person of the same class within this academy would be able to defeat him. That Lu Mu may be considered a talented strong person who was hard to...

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