Chapter 410: Clashing For the First Time

Chapter 410: Clashing For the First Time

The faint words reverberated throughout the night without disappearing.

The eyes of the white-clothed young man were ice cold, as he stared at the untamed and arrogant face of the other young man. The former did not say any other words. His wrists twisted slightly and a faint silver-colored Dou Qi began brewing in his palm. There was actually a faint, soft, muffled sound of thunder being emitted from within it.

“Lightning Type Dou Qi?” Astonishment flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes as he heard the muffled lightning sound emitted from that silver-colored Dou Qi. He did not expect that this fellow actually possessed this rare Dou Qi element, similar to his Second Brother.

Xiao Yan moved his hand. A pale-green Dou Qi also overflowed from his palm as Xiao Yan watched this white-clothed young man whom he had met once during the daytime with an indifferent expression. He did not have the slightest fear or timidness.

“The weak do not have the qualifications to possess her!” The white-clothed man glanced indifferently at Xiao Yan, who did not shrink back. He laughed coldly and his toes abruptly pushed off of the pile of rubble. His body turned into a silver...

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