Chapter 409: Bumping Into One Another At Night

Chapter 409: Bumping Into One Another At Night

The entire open ground was silent as everyone watched the green-clothed young lady leaping into Xiao Yan’s embrace. At this moment, one could almost hear the sound of countless hearts breaking.

Instructor Ruo Ling, as well as Xiao Yu and the others beside Xun Er, never expected that the young lady, who was usually reserved and indifferent, would actually perform such a bold action in public. Their faces were immediately stunned and they finally let out bitter laugh a long while later.

Xiao Yu eyed Xun Er, who had pounced into Xiao Yan’s embrace, and then glanced at Xiao Yan, whose smile was like warm alcohol, much like a drunk person who had just drank wine that had been stored away for a long time. An unknown and somewhat uncomfortable feeling suddenly rose within her heart.

On the other side of the viewing gallery, the faint smile present on Bai Shan’s face finally became dark and solemn at this moment.

“When has Xun Er become so bold? Just because of a man?” The eyebrows of the red-clothed young lady also rose until they were almost vertical at this moment. Were it not for the old man beside her pulling her back when he saw the situation, she might have been unable to resist rushing over and forcefully pulling those two apart, who were stuck together like glue.

Xiao Yan’s hand tightly looped around that delicate, willow-like waist. He lowered his head and gently sniffed the black hair of the young lady, which contained a refreshing fragrance. Since she was able to do such a bold action that announced the relationship between the two of them in public, then as a man, he naturally would not choose to withdraw. This was even though the heated gazes shot from all around him caused...

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