Chapter 407: One Strike

Chapter 407: One Strike

The voice, which had suddenly appeared, directly caused the open ground, where private whispers had just broken out, to once again quiet down suddenly. Numerous gazes, that contained some astonishment, were thrown onto the black-robed young man in the middle of the open ground, who was carrying a huge black ruler, that was around his height. In an instant, the entire stadium was completely silent.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge…” Xun Er eyed the back of the figure standing on the open ground, who was taller compared to two years ago, but also a little skinnier. An elegant smile, that would cause the surrounding male students to lust for greatly, was immediately revealed on her exquisitely pretty face.

“This fellow… must he create such a big commotion every time he arrives. He really likes showing off.” Xiao Yu’s pretty eyes stared intently at the back, which she had not seen for two years. She heaved a great sigh of relief in her heart. However, her mouth was still unwilling to forgive as she spoke out loud.

“Ha ha, Xiao-Yu jie-jie, is that person the Xiao Yan ge-ge that Xun Er is always talking about? It is really unexpected that he managed to hurry over at the very last moment.” Beside Xiao Yu, a group of young ladies, who appeared to be of the same...

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