Chapter 403: Swallowing The Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill!

Chapter 403: Swallowing The Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill!

A black shadow suddenly flashed past a dense mountain forest. Occasionally, the black robe would collide with a tree branch, which grew wildly, causing the black robe to be lifted slightly to reveal a delicate and handsome young face. It was that of Xiao Yan, who was fleeing after killing Fan Ling’s group and obtaining the treasures.

Seemingly because he was worried that someone would discover his footprints and other small clues if he were to run on the surface, Xiao Yan had chosen to leap from tree branch to tree branch ever since he had left the place where he had performed the act. Even when he occasionally landed on the ground, he would carefully cover his footprint and other things.

Xiao Yan borrowed the cover of the dense thicket of the forest. Although he had sensed a presence, which contained an incomparable dark chillness and killing intent flying past him in the sky when he was fleeing, he was able to hide his Qi with the help of Yao Lao. Therefore, he was not discovered by the furious Fan Lao during his journey, where he was doing his best to flee. He was really quite lucky.

After an entire day and night of fleeing with all his strength, Xiao Yan had finally thrown the ‘Black Mark City’ into the distance. At this moment, even if Fan Lao had the ability to communicate with the heavens, he would definitely not be able to seek Xiao Yan out in this place, which was a couple of hundred kilometers...

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