Chapter 399: The Fierce Fighting on the Road

Chapter 399: The Fierce Fighting on the Road


That Elder Qing from the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ did not hesitate at all in the face of the dense, dark cry of Fan Lao. Her expression was dark and solemn as she let out a stern cry. Powerful Dou Qi surged from within her body, and her strong aura directly shook the leaves and plants on the ground around her until they shot backward. From this force of hers, her strength should have already advanced to the Dou Wang level.

Under this cry of hers, the twenty plus strong people from the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ around her also let out a “chang” sound as they grabbed their weapons and allow their Dou Qi to surge out. Threads of different snake shaped Dou Qi cycled around their bodies before flowing away, finally and abruptly erupting with terrifying force, which charged toward those red-robed warriors around them.

Two torrents, one green and one red, violently collided, meeting in the middle of the main road. A wave of energy ripples began to shoot out like a wave.

When the cruel and numb faced Blood Sect warriors violently hacked their knives downward, they were surrounded by a bloody aura. They did not emit the slightest sound. The strong people from the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ also had dark, solemn faces as they circulated the Dou Qi in their bodies to the limit. Their weapons,...

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