Chapter 395: Main Attraction!

Chapter 395: Main Attraction!

Following the appearance of the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’, the atmosphere within the auction ground entered its hottest period. The large factions in the front also finally began to place out more and more competitive bids that caused a countless number of people to sit there in admiration.

No initial base price was set for the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’. However, at the moment the auction hammer fell, the price abruptly soared to the high price of two million. The terrifying increments that the price was increasing by was something that Xiao Yan had never witnessed in the many years since his birth.

Spending a huge sum in one go. Such pride and daringness was thoroughly displayed by these factions in front of the temptation of this Di Class Agility Type Dou Technique.

The constantly soaring price maintained the atmosphere within the auction house with excited roars that did not stop even for a moment. Under the sky high price, which was swiftly multiplying, many people felt that their trip here was worthwhile just by being able to personally witness this kind of soul-stirring competition of money despite many of them clearly understanding that they did not have the qualification to obtain the item themselves...

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