Chapter 393: Unforeseen Changes

Chapter 393: Unforeseen Changes

On the crystal platform, the white-haired auctioneer’s saliva was spitting everywhere as he introduced just how mysterious this ancient cloth fragment was. In summary, he had put in his all in order to raise the value of this old cloth fragment by even a little. Unfortunately, the effect did not seem to be great. This was because some people on the auction ground had already become impatient during his patient introduction. Some of those who were bad tempered directly cursed out loud.

Hearing that the people below did not have any enthusiastic responses, the white-haired auctioneer could only helplessly shake his head. He swallowed his saliva and moistened his dry throat before speaking with a bitter smile, “According to what we determined, the base price of this piece of cloth fragment is one hundred thousand. Now, the auction shall begin.”

As the voice of the white haired auctioneer fell, the enormous auction ground immediately became completely quiet. Some of the gazes which were sweeping over the platform were like they were trying to find an idiot. Who would spend one hundred thousand gold coins to purchase a broken thing, which one did not even...

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