Chapter 391: Flying Dou Technique: Lightning Bat Sky Wings

Chapter 391: Flying Dou Technique: Lightning Bat Sky Wings

The clear ‘gong’ slowly reverberated throughout the auction ground. Following the sound of the ‘gong’, the racket and noise in the ground also gradually receded. Countless number of gazes were thrown toward the crystal platform. Their eyes were all heated.

“Ke ke, I think that everyone here has waited until they are feeling a little impatient. Since that is the case, I shall not say any official or superficial words to annoy you.” That white-haired old man ,who was wearing fancy clothes, smiled as he eyed the dense mass of heads in the auction ground. Finally, his obscure gaze swept the factions seated in the front row. His loud and clear voice resounded throughout the place. As a very experienced auctioneer, he clearly knew that what those people below wanted to see and did not want to see. Therefore, his unnecessary introduction at the start was directly cast aside. Without a doubt, however, this action of the old man had indeed won cheers from the entire place. At the very least, even that dark, ice cold Junior Sect Leader of the Blood Sect also nodded slightly.

“As the annual Great Auction Fair begins, I think that this one, which our ‘Eight Gates’ has organized, will definitely not disappoint anyone.” The old man gently clapped. He said in a clear voice, “I announce that the ‘Black Mark City’ Auction Fair begins now!”

As the old man’s clear voice fell, an eye-piercing, intense light erupted from the crystal platform. It was a long while later before the intense...

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