Chapter 390: The Start of the Auction

Chapter 390: The Start of the Auction

Once he exited the Black Mark Auction House, Xiao Yan walked directly back to the inn he was staying at. He rested in his small room until it was about time for the auction to begin. Only then did he exit his training mode and put his large, black robe on, completely invigorated. He then left the inn at a steady pace, once again walking over to the auction ground.

When Xiao Yan arrived at the entrance of the auction house, the huge, nearly-packed, racketing crowd with noises that shot towards the sky, caused him to become slightly dull. He did not expect that the Great Auction Fair would actually attract so many people. It was indeed worthy of being called a grand event in the ‘Black-Corner Region’.

Xiao Yan tried to squeeze through the human traffic before he withdrew somewhat helplessly. This ‘Black-Corner Region’ could not be compared with the Jia Ma Empire. If one cut the queue here, there would immediately be dozens of fist violently thrown over. After all, the temper of the people within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ was not as meek as those of the outside world. If they had any disagreement, drawing their knives and hacking at others was something that was a common sight.

Xiao Yan withdrew from the human flow, which was shouting non-stop. His gaze swept around him and immediately stopped...

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