Chapter 389: Black Mark Auction House

Chapter 389: Black Mark Auction House

Xiao Yan stood at the end of the street where the human traffic was turbulent. He lifted his head, and watched the auction house in front of him, which was incomparably huge. His mouth could not resist releasing a shocked sigh. Back then, when he saw the auction house headquarters of the Primer clan in the Jia Ma Empire, he had felt somewhat shocked by its size. It was, however, unexpected that he would realize that the Primer Auction house was undoubtedly trivial when compared to this auction house, which was also called ‘Black Mark’, now that he had arrived at Black Mark City.

There were over ten indifferent-faced, black-clothed powerful men, who carried sharp weapons on their waist, outside the Black Mark Auction House. Their gazes, which were as sharp as eagles, repeatedly swept across the human flow coming and going. From the faint presence that was seeping out from the bodies of these men, five of them were actually of the Dou Shi class, while the rest were around the peak of the Dou Zhe level.

There were already people at the Dou Shi class among those they had carelessly ordered to guard the entrance. It appeared that the strength of this ‘Eight Gates’ was really strong. At the very least, the Primer...

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