Chapter 387: Xiao Yan in Financial Distress

Chapter 387: Xiao Yan in Financial Distress

The convoy whizzed down from the mountain peak. Ten minutes later, they approached the dark, black city gate. Their speed gradually slowed before they finally queued behind the long line of people and quietly waited for their turn to enter the city.

Standing in front of the horse carriage, Xiao Yan lifted his head and studied the dark mass that was the enormous city wall. His gaze swept across the three large words ‘Black Mark City’ which had been placed right in the middle of the city gate. Moving his sight slowly downward, he finally paused on the ten plus darkly-dressed men at the city gate. They appeared to be the guards of a city in the outside world. However, in this place, anyone who wanted to enter had to hand over quite a large amount of city entrance fees. It should be known that if this kind of city entrance fees were placed in the environment like the Jia Ma Empire, it would likely directly cause a commotion. However, in the ‘Black-Corner Region’, something like this was commonplace.

“Get lost, stop leaping around in front of me.” Just as Xiao Yan was observing the city which had a special serving of the ‘Black-Corner Region’, a curse, which was filled with irritation, suddenly sounded at a spot not far in front of him....

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