Chapter 386: Black Mark City

Chapter 386: Black Mark City

Xiao Yan laid on the grass as the wild wind screamed all around him. He did not dare to move his body even a little, fearing that the mysterious thing hidden within the darkness had yet to leave, and instead would suddenly become violent and kill people.

There was no concept of time within the darkness. Just when a thread of impatience rose within Xiao Yan’s heart, a wisp of sunlight suddenly shone into the darkness. That scene was like an egg without even the slightest gaps being gently cracked open. Warm sunlight expelled the darkness within.

Following the appearance of the first thread of sunlight, numerous rays of sunlight began pouring in. That howling wild wind also gradually weakened until it finally disappeared.

Xiao Yan eyed the sky, which had become slightly brighter, before sighing in relief within his heart. He carefully climbed up and glanced all around him. He immediately saw the merchant group, which was already beginning to get everything in order, just a few hundred meters away. Immediately, he hurriedly opened his stride and hurried over.

When Xiao Yan was about to approach the merchant group, he was able to see that joyful plum face of Duo Ma.

“Mister Yao Yan, are you alright? I was really anxious when...

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