Chapter 384: A Chaotic Region Where Compassion is Unnecessary

Chapter 384: A Chaotic Region Where Compassion is Unnecessary

As one glanced over the endless plain as far as the eye could see, there was only a monotonous black color. Against the background of the somewhat dark sky, a depressive atmosphere that caused one to feel fretful shrouded the plain. In this somewhat strange place, it was little wonder why those chaotic rules were born.

A black shadow suddenly shot out from the distance on this quiet plain. The speed of the black shadow was extremely quick. As it flashed, it appeared to be teleporting. However, each time a foot landed on the ground, it would bring about a muffled thunder explosion. The explosive sound formed a ripple shape that spread on the plain, and gradually became distant.

While the human figure ran at his maximum speed, he suddenly lifted his head slightly and revealed a delicate and handsome young face. He was Xiao Yan who had shuttled from thousands of kilometers away. The current him was frowning as he watched the vast plain. He softly muttered, “This damn place really causes people to feel constrained, but why is it that I have yet to see anyone after having entered into this plain for such a long time?”

“Continue heading forward. I think that it is likely that Hai Bodong has never come here before. Therefore, the map which he gave you does not have the exact route on the Great Plain of the Black Region. Now, we can only enter some small town on the plain and then purchase a map of this place.” Yao Lao said somewhat uncertainly. He was similarly unfamiliar...

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